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Women in Seafood Leadership Summit

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Bringing more women into the seafood industry, particularly at executive level, is being prevented from happening by some major obstacles.

So on June 6 in Seattle, IntraFish is bringing together the best minds in the industry together to help solve these challenges.

The event will be made up of hand-picked top female executives who will attend as delegates to the event.

Why should top female seafood professionals attend? Here’s just a few reasons:

  • 35% of women in our survey said the seafood industry lacks a support network or mentoring program. The IntraFish Women in Seafood Leadership Forum will give professionals access to a network of other elite executives that can help both them and their companies grow.
  • A majority of women in the sector say they are not clear of all the opportunities in the industry. The forum will offer insight into some of the key job areas for female professionals to advance their careers.
  • Over 70% of women say that old fashioned and/or male-dominated cultural attitudes are the one thing they would change to make the industry more attractive to women. IntraFish's editors will be leading Q&As and moderating frank discussions on how to overcome some of the cultural barriers in the seafood sector to ensure success.
  • The overwhelming majority of women in the sector said their work was engaging and challenging, and would recommend others enter the sector. The IntraFish Women in Seafood Leadership Forum is a great way for your best ambassadors to spread the word about the seafood industry, and bring the next generation of talent into your company.

All seafood executives should be investing in their teams, and sending your elite female professionals to this event is one way to invest in their careers -- and your company's future.

Contact us today to request a seat. You'll hear back with a confirmation mail that you have been registered.



Libby Woodhatch, Head of Advocacy, Seafish
Libby Woodhatch is Head of Advocacy at the UK levy body Seafish, which has the remit to support a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible future for the seafood industry. Libby's role focuses on raising stakeholder awareness of the seafood industry and Seafish, as well championing the responsible sourcing initiatives developed by Seafish in collaboration with industry and NGOs, including the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) – a global standard that audits compliance on board fishing vessels, including ethical and welfare criteria. Prior to this, Libby was CEO of the industry body Seafood Scotland for ten years, where she helped improve the value of return to the Scottish seafood industry. Libby also sits on the MSC Stakeholder Council and is Trustee of the charities the Fishermen’s Mission, which provides welfare and support to fishermen and their families, and the Billingsgate Seafood Training School. Libby holds a BSC (Hons) in Fisheries Science from the University of Plymouth and an MSc in Fisheries Development from the University of Hull

Carrie Brownstein, Global Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator, Whole Foods Market
In the big picture, Carrie Brownstein's work as the Global Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator for Whole Foods Market focuses on creating a model for the seafood industry that supports healthier oceans and communities. Working together with stakeholders and partners -- the fish farmers, fishermen, environmental groups, scientists, and skilled seafood buyers -- she aims to create a seafood market that supports responsible aquaculture production, reverses trends in overfishing and bycatch, and puts us on the right track toward greater sustainability. Day to day, her work involves developing sourcing policies (and programs to implement them) for seafood sold at all Whole Foods Market stores. Carrie has a Masters degree in environmental management from Duke University, where she focused on marine ecology and fisheries management. She has worked on seafood sustainability for the past 17 years, but her roots in seafood go farther back: her family has been in the seafood business since 1909.

Jacqueline Claudia, CEO and Co-Founder of LoveTheWild
Jacqueline Claudia is a lifelong fish nerd who thought she was going to be a marine biologist when she grew up. Instead, after graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the Darden School of the University of Virginia, she spent 15 years working in corporate strategy and innovation before finding her way back to the fish. She fell in love with the potential for sustainable aquaculture while working on Velella Project. She founded LoveTheWild to de-demonize great farmed fish, make it easier for people to cook great fish at home, and is passionately building a company that has a real shot at saving the world. Fish 2.0 award winner. Intrafish 40 under 40.

Magdalena Lamprecht Walhoff, Former Executive Vice President, Regal Springs Tilapia
Starting as a sales assistant, Wallhoff eventually led global sales at the world's largest tilapia producer and drove the company's remarkable involvement in public health and community development in Honduras and Mexico. She serves on non profit boards, and occasionally speaks on the power of for-profit and non-profit ventures collaborating. She is, at present, living in Seattle with her three children, homeschooling and restoring an abandoned estate and garden.

Torunn Knoph Halhjem, Senior Director, Global Species, Trident Seafoods
Torunn Halhjem grew up in Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle and spent her early adult life working on Norwegian and Russian factory trawlers. After completing her studies in International Business & Economics she worked as an intern in Europe, the United States, Japan and Russia, putting her multiple languages to use. She joined Trident Seafoods in 2000 and is today a senior director and key decision-maker at the US giant, managing production and global sales for more than 500,000 metric tons of wild-caught whitefish.

Hannah Lindoff, International Program Director, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI)
Hannah Lindoff is a life-long Alaskan and the Director of the International Marketing Program at the ASMI. In 2017 Hannah will receive her Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Mary Washington College and is the author of several books for children. At ASMI Hannah oversees eight regional marketing programs located in Japan, China, Brazil, and throughout much of Europe. Hannah began working with ASMI in 2008 as the European Marketing Coordinator and before that was the Public Relations Coordinator for the advertising agency working for ASMI’s domestic US program. She serves on the Juneau Public Library’s Publisher Preview Committee and is a volunteer youth soccer coach, coaching her two children, Marigold and Otto.

Alexa Tonkovich, Executive Director, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI)
Alexa Tonkovich was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies/Political Science from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. Prior to working at ASMI Alexa worked as a paralegal specializing in immigration law in New York and for the State of Alaska’s Division of Elections. With ASMI since 2009, Alexa has worked as the Asia Marketing Coordinator, the Asia & Emerging Markets Manager, and as the International Program Director, managing ASMI’s marketing programs in eight regions. In 2015 Alexa was selected by the ASMI Board of Directors as the Executive Director of the agency, overseeing international and domestic marketing efforts as well as technical, communications, RFM and global food aid programs. In her spare time Alexa serves on the Advisory Board for the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Center for Japanese Language and Culture. When the weather cooperates she enjoys cross country skiing and hiking.

Elisabeth Fischer, Editor, IntraFish Media
IntraFish Editor Elisabeth Fischer joined the company as a reporter in 2012 in London and is now based in Berlin, Germany, from where she covers the global fish and seafood industry. Prior to joining IntraFish, she wrote about a number of different industries for a variety of digital publications. She's a graduate from the City University of London and the University of Salzburg, Austria. Back in 2015, she spearheaded the groundbreaking IntraFish 'Women in Seafood' series, offering the most comprehensive overview of key obstacles facing women in the seafood workforce, and providing insight into the industry's most successful women.

Rachel Mutter, Editor, IntraFish Media
Rachel Mutter is an editor at IntraFish Media and has been reporting on the seafood industry since 2002. She was born and raised in London but has spent periods living and working abroad, most recently returning from a four year spell in China. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English and European literature from the University of Essex.

Date JUNE 6, 2017 Location The Westin Seattle
1900 5th Ave
WA 98101 - USA
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Read our series: "Women in Seafood"
4.45 - 5.15pm
Registration and networking cocktails

5.30pm - 5.35pm
Rachel Mutter, Editor, IntraFish Media
Introduction to the Women in Seafood Leadership Summit: Let's start a revolution. The story behind how we got here and what we need to achieve.

5.40pm - 5.50pm
Torunn Knoph Halhjem, Senior Director, Global Species, Trident Seafoods
From Deck to Desk: One journey to the top. Halhjem shares her career path from working in quality control on Russian and Norwegian factory trawlers to directorship at one of America's biggest seafood companies.

5.55pm - 6:05pm
Carrie Brownstein, Global Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator, Whole Foods
Holding the Cards: Brownstein gives us the lowdown on life inside a major seafood buyer, what brought her to the sector and what it is about working in the seafood industry that gets her out of bed in the morning.

6:10pm – 6:20pm
Libby Woodhatch, Head of Advocacy, SeaFish
Great Expectations: Libby Woodhatch discusses the recent results of a joint Seafish/IntraFish survey and what it says about the industry’s future opportunities to recruit more women.

6.25pm - 6.35pm
Alexa Tonkovich, Executive Director and Hannah Lindoff, International Program Director, ASMI
Behind every strong woman there is… another strong woman: Tonkovich and Lindoff explain how, through supporting each other and the role of other women in the organization, ASMI has evolved into a balanced, more equal workplace

6.35pm - 7.20pm
BREAK and dinner

7.25pm – 7.35pm
Jacqueline Claudia, CEO, LoveTheWild
Starting Up: Frozen start up Love the Wild went from an idea to an investment from Leonardo diCaprio. Claudia shares the journey.

7.40pm - 7.50pm
Magdalena Lamprecht
Building Community: Lamprecht talks about the work she did with women in the tilapia farming communities she worked with at Regal Springs.

7.55pm - 8:05pm
Daniela Klimsova, Director, Business Development and Marketing, Icicle Seafoods
Getting Your Hands Dirty: Taking on the role of manager is one of the most exciting changes in a person's career. But being a woman in seafood comes with its unique challenges. Klimsova discusses.

8.10pm - 8.55pm
Moderator: Elisabeth Fischer, Editor, IntraFish Media
Panelists: Torunn Knoph Halhjem, Daniela Klimsova, Magdalena Lamprecht, Jacqueline Claudia, Libby Woodhatch

INDUSTRY PANEL: Where do we go from here? A look at the challenges holding women back, and a frank discussion about how to overcome them.

Rachel Mutter, IntraFish
Stirring the pot: The work ahead.